Products and Services

Finance Lease

Identify your required equipment and let PNB-IBJL provide you the leasing agreement for your chosen equipment. Have the benefit of preserving your working capital and enjoy affordable monthly rentals over s period of 24 to 48 months.

Direct Leasing: A lease transaction wherein PNB-IBJL (lessor) purchases the specified equipment from a supplier and leases the same to the client (lessee).

Sale and Leaseback: This converts fixed assets into cash. Currently owned equipment/asset is purchased by PNB-IBJL (lessor) for either book value or appraised value and then leases it back to client (lessee-user).

Lease-Sublease: Client leases the equipment to PNB-IBJL and then sub-leases it to its customers or affiliate company.

Operating Lease

In order to provide operating leases to its clientele, PNB-IBJL Leasing established PNB-IBJL Equipment Rentals Corp., under RentAll, in 2008. The wholly-owned subsidiary is designed to meet the equipment acquisition requirements of clients who wish to enjoy added advantages of an operating lease.

Mortgage Loans

Your preferable solution in acquiring new or additional equipment. PNB-IBJL Leasing can structure a mortgage loan that can quit your cash flow and your particular needs.

Up to 80% of the value of the asset can be financed under a direct loan with a mortgage on the asset. Repayment is normally through monthly amortization of principal and interest. The term may be as short as 12 months to as long as 60 months, depending on the economic life of the asset and the client's circumstances.

Forex Leasing

If you are PEZA and/or BOI-registered entities, Forex Leasing might be suitable to your need. Where financial leases denominated and payable in a specified foreign currency (USD or JPY) allows you to enjoy the low interest rate of the currency, able to commit to pay rentals without being exposed to currency risk.

Receivable Discounting

Companies that needs working capital can also avail of PNB-IBJL's Receivable Discounting facility. You may use receivables as collateral in a discounted agreement.

Installment Paper Purchased

Dealers of certain equipment who sell on installment can benefit from PNB-IBJL's Installment Paper Financing facility.

For clients who may have special financial requirements, PNB-IBJL can tailor financing solutions to best suit their needs. For large-ticket financing, PNB-IBJL can arrange club deals or syndications with other finance and leasing companies.

Vendor Financing Program

Dealers in various machine and equipment get big boost in sales when they offer their products for lease or installment. Usually, an equipment dealer is neither organized nor capitalized to hable sales financing. That's where PNB-IBJL Leasing comes in.

PNB-IBJL Leasing can work out with the dealer the desired leasing or financing schemes for that market, conduct oerientation seminars for the dealer's sales force, or even help the dealer prepare brochures/selling kits. With the dealer sharing in some of the credit risk, the joint undertaking by the dealer and PNB-IBJL Leasing becomes a very potent and effective Vendor Financing Program.

PNB-IBJL Leasing can do all the credit evaluation, executioin of the financing, and collection of the account. The dealer does what he does best - selling. The intrinsic strength of the PNB-IBJL organization gets an exteernal boost from its shareholders - established institutions on their own right.

Commercial, Office Units and Buildings Financing Facility

A financing facility for the acquisition or refinancing of commercial properties (lot/spaces), office units and commercial buildings for productive and investment purposes. Eligible borrowers are individuals and corporations even with foreign ownership.

Foreign Buyer Financing Facility

This is a financing facility targeting foreigners e.g. based abroad, dual citizens, married to a Filipino who are wanting to own condominium units and real estate properties in the Philippines.

Other Financial Services

Whie the above may be considered as its lead products, PNB-IBJL can provide other financial services as a company operating under the Finance Company Law.

Philippine companies regularly sellingto the same customers will find PNB-IBJL receivable financing most ideal.

Different financing problems and differing conditions require special solutions. Expect PNB-IBJL Leasing to have the right answer.

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